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Aya Uekawa

Tranquil Femininity 

Aya Uekawa discusses her work and studio practice.


Michael Bevilacqua

Michael Bevilacqua listens to Blockhead by Devo in the studio.


Joseph Ayers

Joseph Ayers reflects on the roles of educator, artist and curator duing the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Studio Visit 

James Busby 

James Busby shares new works and reflects on how art can help us connect during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What is Necessary

Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin Edward’s amazing about the value of art, especially during times of crisis, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Ben's artistic process.

“During this crisis, as so many unessential aspects of our lives have been stripped away, many of us turn inward, or to nature, or to friends and family, so that we many connect with what is necessary.”

“It is all to easy in such a moment to fall prey to the idea that art is unessential, or unnecessary. In its outer guise, as a mere product or token, yes, art is indeed superfluous when compared to the primary needs of the body…

…But when you see a painting or read a poem, you are really looking at a fossil from a process that has already occurred for the artist, and now it wants to live again in you. It’s the inner life that counts.”

“The work of art catalyzes the transformation from one state of being to another, allows us to understand where we are in the world, who we are, and why we are here...There is nothing more necessary than that.”