Press Release

AftermodernisM in the Hamptons

Opening Reception: Saturday July 2nd, 2016, 5-8pm

July 2 - September 4th, 2016

Neumann Wolfson Art is pleased to present AftermodernisM in the Hamptons, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by 33 artists on view from July 2 – September 4th, 2016 at Nicole Ripka Gallery at 760 Montauk Highway, Watermill, NY 11976 We live in an incomplete world. Therefore, it is imperative to examine the new art which deals with our lack of closure. The artists in this exhibition represent a large happening of young and midcareer artists who are involved in the use of strong color and varied texture, as well as combining figurative and abstract elements in new and innovative ways – an asymmetric aesthetic in a fractured asymmetric world. The works in the exhibition constitute a resistance to the forms of definition and closure represented by modernism and accentuate the coexistence of incongruous ideas. There is no closure; there are disturbing visual conflicts, warped spaces, a saturation of details, jarred juxtapositions, remembrance denied, all creating an art of the unresolved. The traditional border and picture plane is violated. The eye is forced to vibrate in a cacophony of staccato chattering over the surface. The works are something we have never experienced before. It is not derivative or second generation. They reference the past but remain fresh. It is not predictable and has the ability to surprise in a profound universal manner. These artists are creating work that is so complex the viewer is unable to remember the totality of the image. The internet, which is arguably the single most important defining structure of our time, plays an integral part in creating this sensibility. We are plunged into a space that has influenced the aesthetic evolution away from Modernsim.


Nina Chanel Abney • Kristin Baker • Michael Bevilacqua • Ashley Bickerton • Alison Blickle • James Busby • Sydney Chastain Chapman • Holly Coulis • Justin Craun • Benjamin Edwards • Manuel Esnoz • Asad Faulwell • Wendell Gladstone • Ridley Howard • Chris Johanson • Austin Lee • JP Munro • Stan Narten • Erik Parker • Charlie Roberts • Nicolas Roggy • Matthew Ronay • Justin Samson • Tom Sanford • Kenny Scharf • Christian Schumann • Michael Scott • John F. Simon Jr. • Aya Uekawa • Michael Van den Besselaar • Xavier Veilhan • Kelli Williams • Almond Zigmund